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Judges Reports

Working Tests at Nottingham Water Sports Centre - 31st July & 1st August 2010

Saturday 31st July 2010

Venue: National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham
Date: 31 July 2010
Section: B
Judges: Lynn Whiting & Sue Sanders
Entries: 16
Passes: 8
Withdrawn: 0
A lovely venue. We had 16 dogs. 8 passes and 8 very near passes. The standard was high and all the dogs were ready for this level. The passes were good some loosing no points.

The dogs that didnít pass this time failed only one element the main one being the underwater. This is I feel is the hardest element to get a dog focused on if they are not interested in the object. Try making it a game at home and at training and give a reward every time they get the object. Donít give up they need only do it once.

The other element was the controlled swim. This is just practice and practice again a reward at the end.

Well done to all the entrants. Thank you to the stewards. A great job. My co-judge Sue Sanders, it was a pleasure. Thank you to Jo Beston who did a great job. Well done.

Venue: National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham
Date: 31 July 2010
Section: E
Judges: Ken Rhodes & Susan Marsh
Entries: 6
Passes: 0
Withdrawn: 0
Test Conditions: Calm, little if no drift sun & cloud
All five of the entrants were old hands at this Section but unfortunately none of them made the grade this time, but all have the potential if, with their owners, they can just put it all together on the day.

One handler after having a re-start on the first exercise only had one point left to lose but her dog then did a faultless performance so passed that exercise and went on to complete the next two without dropping a point. Unfortunately on Exercise 4 they ran out of time getting out of the boat which was a great shame. Two other dogs struggled at the start of each exercise to leave their owners but then went on to complete the exercises well just to prove they could.

Another dog showed great initiative when faced with the practical problem of no longer being able to see where she was going in the first exercise, due to the article completely blocking her vision. Rather than run the risk of losing her stranger holding onto the article she swam straight to the nearest shore she could see bringing a smile to everyoneís face.

The other two dogs had decided that they werenít really in the mood that morning, but all the entrants were a pleasure to judge.

Whilst the water was clear it was weedy but only really caused a problem for a couple of dogs who were more intent on chomping any in their way rather than concentrating on the task in hand.

We would like to thank the stewards for some sterling work executed as usual in a very professional manner, to the Test Manager Jo Beston and all her helpers for a very smooth running and enjoyable test.

Ken Rhodes & Susan Marsh

Venue: National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham
Date: 1 August 2010
Section: C
Judges: David Pugsley & Sue Dobson
Entries: 15
Passes: 5
A nice return to this venue, with good weather conditions for the test, but still a problem with floating weed which was overcome without too much difficulty. There were 15 entries for Section C with 5 excellent passes, and the remaining dogs generally failing on only one of the elements. The exit from the boat was particularly well performed on this occasion, with the majority of dogs jumping overboard within a few seconds of the command being given. Swimming out to the stranger proved to be a problem for some, who were reluctant to leave their handler, but with practice this should easily be overcome. Overall a very enjoyable afternoon, and my thanks to Co-Judge, Sue Dobson, for her support, to the Test Manager, Jo Beston, for a well organised event, and finally to the Stewards who had a busy afternoon.


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