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Welcome to the Northern Newfoundland Club Working Hall Of Fame. The Hall of Fame was created by the Working Sub-Committee to honour Newfies of the past, present and future who through ability or personality have left their mark on the Club. Club members are invited to submit nominations for the Hall of Fame to the Working Sub-Committee and, if approved, induction and presentation takes place at the Annual awards presentation in December each year.

2009 Inductee

picture of DarkpeakAryanMist - Nina
Darkpeak Aryan Mist

2008 Inductees

picture of Mileoak Blue Cross - Diva
Mileoak Blue Cross
picture of Darkpeak Iris Of The Rainbow - Indigo
Darkpeak Iris Of The Rainbow
picture of Shermead Making Whoopee - Opal
Shermead Making Whoopee
picture of Darkpeak Sgurr Fiona - Purdy
Darkpeak Sgurr Fiona
picture of Ch. Darkpeak Mystified - Ripley
Ch. Darkpeak Mystified
picture of Kjalarnes D - Tally
Kjalarnes D
picture of Clocktower Zulus Winnie - Winnie
Clocktower Zulus Winnie

2007 Inductees

photo of black newfoundland dog swimming
Mapleopals Sassi Miss of Asiotye
Picture of brown newfoundland dog Chetwoot Tcichi sat at waters edge
Chetwoot Tcichi
picture of black newfoundland dog, Kirimour Dusky Rose - polly verity
Kirimour Dusky Rose
(Polly Verity)
picture of black newfoundland dog, Gentletouch Just In Time (Barnie)
Gentletouch Just in Time

picture of black newfoundland dog, Warrgem prince (gruff)
Warrgem Prince
picture of black Newfoundland dog Aquasilk Easy Life - Cassie
Aquasilks Easy Life
picture of black newfoundland dog Pendragon Georgy Girl - Georgy
Pendragon Georgy Girl
picture of Darktarn Wacky Racer - Mutley
Darktarn Wacky Racer